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Paid on time, every time
We run a streamlined process with our payroll that ensures you're always paid on time.
Employers setup a direct debit with us meaning they can "set and forget" when payments are due. Never have to worry about ensuring payroll is made on time each week.
If your employer doesn't pay on time, we've got your back and we'll follow them up on your behalf.
Paid on Time
Get Started in 10 Minutes
Setup is easy with us. Your employer completes our online sign up form on our website and provides all the information we need.
Once we have your online sign up form, we'll onboard you and send you and your family with a link to access everything (as well as some more information.)
Easy Setup
Online sign up form

Never worry about payroll again. Seriously.

We're the best (and modest too) and operate locally in both New Zealand and Australia. Our systems, processes and support network is constantly growing and we're always adding new features and services.

Manage Payroll on The Go
Download the Pay The Nanny mobile app and manage timesheets, payslips and leave requests.
All our systems are online and in the cloud. You can submit timesheets, leave requests and check your payslips all from the comfort of the mobile app.
Stay connected and efficient with real-time notifications on updates and approvals directly through the app.
Single Touch Payroll
Gain the full benefit of being an employee
Make sure you're being paid fairly and compliantly.
Everyone paid via our service is paid as an employee. This means they receive the minimum entitlements for leave, Kiwisaver and everything else.
You'll receive a payslip with each payroll too, meaning you'll have proof of earnings for things like loans.
IRD compliant

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When parents use our comprehensive app, they enjoy seamless payroll management that guarantees their nannies are paid accurately and on time, every time. With features like automated payroll processing and compliance support, parents can effortlessly meet their employer obligations while minimizing stress. Plus, they’ll have the peace of mind that comes with a service designed to simplify their lives. Refer a parent today and help them unlock the full benefits of Pay the Nanny!

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Uncovering the Mechanics

Comprehensive Payroll Solutions for Everyone in the Nanny Ecosystem

Serving Parents, Nannies, and Agencies

Whether you are a parent, a nanny or a nanny recruitment agency, we've got you covered. Pay The Nanny is a world class payroll solution for nannies and based locally in New Zealand and Australia. We provide a simple, affordable and hassle free nanny payroll service.

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Real Stories from Satisfied Users

At Pay the Nanny, we take pride in streamlining the payroll and financial aspects of employing a nanny, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for our clients. Our satisfied customers often share how our comprehensive finance and payroll management system has not only met but exceeded their expectations.

Luca Lewis
Nanny Recruitment Agency
I really wish we joined up with Pay The Nanny sooner. The whole process of joining was over within hours, no hiccups and Pay The Nanny worked with us to make it even easier. We have had no problems so far and in all honesty don't see us having any in the future. I talk highly of Pay The Nanny to anyone and everyone who will listen haha. My hat goes off to you for making such a no brainer business. Keep up the great work! We love you!
Evan Mills
Discovering Pay The Nanny was a game-changer for us. As a close-knit family, we wanted to hire a nanny for our son but dreaded the bureaucratic hassles of paperwork and tax requirements. Pay The Nanny seamlessly handled all the administrative details, making the entire process worry-free. Their efficient service allowed us to focus on our family rather than on red tape. We wouldn't hesitate to rely on them again. A big thanks to Pay The Nanny!
Joel Davey
Finding Pay The Nanny truly simplified our transition to having a nanny. We were initially concerned about managing schedules, payments, and all the other details on our own. This service transformed those challenges into a straightforward, easy-to-manage process with their intuitive app. Everything we need is at our fingertips, allowing us to adjust details on the fly without any hassle. We're so relieved to have this support system in place, making our lives much easier. We're incredibly thankful for Pay The Nanny!